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Trade Schools and Employers connect on Greenwork to get Students into great jobs

  • We support employers in solar, energy efficiency, electric vehicles, logistics, and the trades.
  • Our software helps students manage their training, prepare their resumes, and connect with employers effortlessly.
  • We help training programs organize their job placement process in one place, and develop training based on employer needs.
  • We're a worker-first platform where high job quality, safety, and a positive atmosphere are the rules of the road.


Sign up for Greenwork to join your schools workspace and connect with other students and alumni. Build a profile that puts your best foot forward. When you're ready, Greenwork can help you find a great job.

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Sign up for Greenwork to help your students get great jobs. You can support and advise students through the app. Meet our extensive network of employers in the industrial sectors of the future.

Coach your Students


Sign up for Greenwork to connect with America's best trade schools and workforce development programs. Hire young people with great attitudes and a passion for the trades, who already have 1-4 years of hands-on experience.

Hire Skilled Tradespeople

Trainers and Trainees Job Search Together

Training programs use Greenwork to showcase their students' skills and manage their resumes.

Trainers can share multiple candidates with employers in a single dashboard. They can also share details of their program: employers should value the candidate and the training.

Greenwork candidate report for an employer called Treecare Company
greenwork app interface

Trainers and Employers Collaborate on Curriculum

Greenwork allows training programs to put their best foot forward and share their curriculum with employers.

Employers can give feedback, so you're training on exactly the skills and certifications your community members will use on the job.

What users are saying about Greenwork

Andrew C.


Greenwork is a unique and very valuable resource for anyone looking for a job in solar. If you want to learn more about how to get involved in the Green Energy Industry, Greenwork is where you need to start!

Jacqueline N.


You want to become a solar energy installer and don't know how to start? No worries, the Greenwork instructor team is here to help!

Trent N.


I'm excited to take more courses with Greenwork and build a better future for myself and contribute to a sustainable future for all.

Shuo P.

New York

I'm grateful to their thoughtful, responsive team and practical content for helping me kickstart my journey into the renewable energy industry. Thanks Greenwork!

“We were amazed at the level of support and direct access to job placement.”
- Greenwork Training Program Partner